Saudi Aramco

  • Jazan Abha Refined Products Pipeline Project
  • Upgrade Abqaiq Uthmaniyah Pipeline Project
  • Dammam Crude & Gas Development Project
  • Sales Gas Delivery System Project
  • Voltage Conversion Project Phase 2
  • Berri Increment Program
  • Marjan Increment Program
  • Tie In Project Hugrs
  • Ompp
  • Increase East West Project
  • Upgrade Fire Water System Project
  • Hawiyah Gas Plant Project
  • Upgrade Fire Water System Project
  • Upgrade Waste Water Injection System Project
  • Installation Of Hybrid Flotation Project
  • Berri Increment Project Pkg1
  • Marjan Increment Project
  • Onshore Drilling Project
  • Upgrade Fire Water Al Jouf Bulk Plant
  • South Ghawar Gsp Access Road Project
  • Upgrade Ethane Facilities Project
  • Onshore Maintain Potential Program
  • Gosp Project, Uthmaniyah
  • Jazan Abha Refined Products Pipeline Project
  • Haradh And Abqaiq Pipeline Project
  • Maritime Yard Project
  • Field Gas Compression Project, Pkg-02, Haradh And Hawiyah
  • Neom Project
  • Tas Helat Retail Fuel Stations
  • Pl Rehabilitation Project
  • Sea Water Exchanger Replacement- Isopentane Tank At Pe,Pk.
  • Upgrade The Pump House Area At Dhahran Afo Tank
  • Haradh Satalite Field Const
  • Onshore Maintain Potential Project
  • Fuel Gas Pipeline Project
  • Co2 Compression Project
  • Scada Project
  • Fadhili Sapmt & Fadhili Isf -2
  • Khuraise Gosp
  • Rastanura Refinery
  • Jazan Refinery Proj
  • Naug System Turaif
  • Hawiyah Gas Plant
  • Khursaniya Upstream Proj
  • Replace Three Northern Area Pipelines, Jubail
  • Increase East West Pipeline Capacity
  • Early Works Project In Hawiyah
  • Berri Drilling Islands Project
  • Isotop Storage Facility Project
  • Farabi Diesel Delivery And Kerosene Supply @Yanbu
  • For Haradh 1307 Project
  • Wasit Gas Program Project
  • Aramco Gas Plant Expansion Project In Hawiyah
  • Rtdb-2/Dr-2 Aramco Refined Pipe Lines Project
  • 19004-Pipe Line Loops For Shy-1,Ph-Ii, Shy-1 Expansion Phase-1 &2
  • Manifa Water Supply Systems & Down Stream Pipe Line
  • 12727-Khuff Gas Project
  • 16122-Khurais Seawater Inj.P/L`S
  • 0074 Jcpc Sales Gas Supply & Jcp Feed Supply.
  • 14789-Hnrp Up/Down Stream Gpl
  • Hawiyah Ngl Recovery Plant
  • Crude Oil Project, Khurais Central Process Fecilities Gosps.
  • Wasit Cogan & Steam Generation Project
  • Helicopter Hanger@ Tanjeeb
  • Helicopter Hanger@ Rastanura

Royal Saudi Air Force

  • RSAF
  • Modular Billetting Facilities Project, King Salman Airbase

Saudi Electric Compnay

  • Sceco
  • Repdo 300mw Solar Power Project
  • Sudair Solar Power Project

Saudi Electric Compnay

  • Sceco/Saudi Aramco
  • Jafurah Gas Compression Program- Substations Project

Royal Commisision for Jubail & Yanbu(RCYJ)

  • Royal Commision
  • Sea Water Cooling Connection To Maaden
  • P & C Educatinal Facilities
  • Reinforcement Of Community Irrigation System, Phase Iv
  • Road Expansion Project Royal Commisision Jubail & Yanbu - Jti Phase-6 (C51 Project)
  • The Sub-Division And Development Of Industrial Zone Phase -1
  • Ras- Tanura Hotel
  • Royal Commission Fire Station

Royal Commisision for Jubail & Yanbu(RCYJ)

  • PIF
  • Duba Neom Project
  • Roshn Villa Project


  • Sabic Main Building Project
  • Asd Guard Bed Unp Stream Project, Yansab
  • Plant Maintenance Divison, Sharq, Sabic
  • Albayroni Ffs Bagging Machines, Metal Detector
  • Sipchem
  • Controlled Discharge Facility.
  • Replacement Of Damaged Parts Of Wax Laking Unit
  • Project Insatallation And Commission.
  • Electrical Works For Pump 426-Ja At Albayroni.
  • Cf Lighting Replacement Project -Safco
  • Hadeed-70 Project
  • J-387 Sharq Utility, J-392 Sharq Metering, J-385 Sharq Project
  • J-391 Murjan Village P-Ii
  • Cdp-Check Meter Project For Methanol Raffinate
  • Replace Defective Cable By New One/P615lc. Installing Weigher For 1tps Train


  • Satorp

Al Reziza

  • Al Reziza Tower Construction Project


  • Bov1-Norce Endeavour Vessel Project

Baker Hughes

  • Baker Hughes Chemical Plant Project

Al Salama Hospital Project

  • Al Salama Hospital Project

Ma'aden Aluminium

  • Ma'aden Aluminium
  • Cell 3 Project