Marshall Tufflex Cable Management Solutions

Marshall Tufflex Cable Management Solutions

Ma rshall-Tufflex Ltd is a part of C&C Marshall Ltd who were established in 1942. Ma rshall-Tufflex manufactures and supplies top quality cable management systems for a global market. Expertise is in extruding PVC with injection molding techniques that have been developed and nurtured in-house.

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Marshall-Tufflex has established a reputation within the markets for being in the vanguard of research and development.

  • ■ Busbar Trunkings & Accessories
  • ■ Busbar Trunking Outlets
  • ■ Busbar Trunking Floor Boxes
  • ■ Pre-wired Tracks
  • ■ Work Station Solutions
  • ■ Data Management Systems
  • ■ All Other kind of Cable Management Solutions
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