Fire Resistant, Fire Alarm & MICC Cables

Fire Resistant, Fire Alarm & MICC Cables

Fire Resistance cables are specifically designed for augmented fire resistance in applications including the delivery of power and auxiliary control in fire alarm systems, voice alarm systems, and emergency lighting systems

Fire alarm cable is the backbone of any fire alarm system. It carries signals from room to room, sounds the alarm, and plays a key role in other fire related issues. There is no single type of fire alarm cable, and there are many, many fire alarm cable variations, including cable construction, conductor options, color, striping options, safety ratings, and environmental ratings.

Mineral-Insulated Copper-Clad (MICC) cable is a variety of electrical cable made from copper conductors inside a copper sheath, insulated by inorganic magnesium oxide powder. The name is often abbreviated to MICC or MI cable. A similar product sheathed with metals other than copper is called mineral insulated metal sheathed (MIMS) cable.

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